Weekly Classes

I offer drop-in classes at triyoga in chelsea on a Thursday. There is an optional meditation session at 11.30 followed by a class at 12-1.15 Open level.

With over 20 years experience of Yoga and bodywork I offer a way of working in my classes which challenges more traditionally held viewpoints of alignment. Though we do work with many ‘classic’ poses my aim is to help you get the best

relaxation at triyogause out of your skeleton, the most efficient and even engagement of your muscles and to build awareness and space to unwind fascia. The overall effect brings a profound sense of spaciousness and deep connection to the breath.

Be prepared to work hard and to think about what you’re doing. Sometimes we flow, sometimes we stop and take stock but always the aim is to stay present, to uncover and engage so that our balance of strength (containment) and flexibility (openess) becomes a tangible tool for transformation both on and off the mat.

“Kate’s teaching has completely transformed my yoga practice and teaching for the better. In class she clearly and intelligently directs my awareness so that I now appreciate the purpose of each asana and have a stronger connection with my body and the movement of energy through it. Kate encourages us to be curious and explore postures, not to adopt a one size fits all approach, making for safer practice and teaching. The classes are intense, the work goes deep and stays in the body long after class is over!! There have been so many lightbulb moments.”    Julie B

Thursdays 11.30 Meditation, 12-1.15 Class at triyoga Chelsea Open level