About me

Since most of my work at art college was themed around the body it has been a natural progression to explore yoga, meditation, Thai massage and psychotherapy for the last twenty years. Central to my work then was how the body can transform, heal, balance and centre. This is still at the heart of my investigations now.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over eighteen years having trained all over the world, yet my deepest experience a came with a dedicated study spanning ten years in a one-to-one setting in London with Sarah Litton. I am a senior teacher at Triyoga in London and have trained, supervised and mentored yoga teachers for over 10 years. In more recent years I’ve trained to include working with the emotional body as a means to explore the ‘other half’ of the body based practices I have been involved in. I have an advanced diploma in Embodied Relational Therapy, (a form of body psychotherapy) developed by Nick Totton and Alison Preistman and a diploma in ‘Wild Therapy’ developed by Nick which explores ecopsycotherapy. I have also trained in group facilitation.