One-to-one yoga

One-to-one yoga can help you to develop a practice that deepens your level of awareness beyond what can generally be achieved in a class setting. I am an experienced teacher with a background of over 20 years in yoga, massage, meditation and psychotherapy.

The skill of the one-to-one teacher is to understand  and support your individual anatomy, postural and movement habit patterns and provide insight as to how to establish patterns which organise the flow of force around your body in a balanced and effortless way. This creates what we call an energetic stability which can be experienced both throughout the body but also mentally and emotionally too.

I teach on one of the UK’s leading yoga teacher training programmes at triyoga (London)  and formerly taught a module on yoga therapy for the Yoga Therapy diploma run by Yoga Campus (London) for several years. In 2011 I launched my own training for yoga teachers to learn ‘The Art of Teaching One-to-One’ which I now teach both in London and internationally. I’m passionate about encouraging this form of teaching especially within the yoga community as a form of continuing professional development. As a traditional form of learning it fully takes into account the uniqueness of you as an individual and guides and supports you in the ever-unfolding process of re-connecting with yourself.

I currently offer sessions at triyoga Chelsea in London and from my home in Brighton.  I enjoy working with complete beginners to experienced teachers.

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“Studying and taking private yoga classes with Kate has had a significant impact on my personal yoga practice, as well as my teaching. Always encouraged to approach postures in an intelligent, conscious manner, I’m far more aware of the subtleties of what we’re asking our bodies to do, and of healthy anatomical alignment. Kate is also totally approachable and genuinely giving with her great knowledge and experience.”  Martha Henneman Yoga Teacher