Body psychotherapy and yoga

“We are like islands in the sea. Separate on the surface but connected in the deep” – William James.

body psychotherapy and yogaFor me this image symbolises the synthesis of my yoga teaching and practice of Embodied Relational Therapy ERT (a form of Body Psychotherapy).

The little boy (my son) went off to the corner of the beach and quietly placed himself in ‘pose of a child’. He stayed as long as he needed and then got up, started dancing in spirals, arms waving. Nobody told him what to do. He had come home to what he needed for himself. I watched in awe to see the freedom he had to follow his process. The weight of the rock behind him, the shards of sunlight piercing over the edge seemed to amplify the essence of the gesture. He showed me much of how we come to our embodiment and how we find the means to self regulate if we are supported and free to do so.

I offer a form of body psychotherapy which offers traditional talking therapy with body awareness, movement and touch (if mutually agreed and appropriate). My 20 yrs back ground in yoga, meditation, thai massage and bodywork all contribute to supporting the process which the client is moving through and being moved by. Crucially, the embodied relationship between therapist and client becomes the means to explore the themes of relating and existence.

My approach is flexible and creative.  I am interested in what the body and its symptoms represent as a story or metaphor of the clients life. We work with the ideas, gestures, images, movements, which arise through the contact offered in the therapeutic space. My work is influenced by the psychotherapeutic approaches of Nick Totton, Carl Jung and Arnold Mindell, the developmental approaches of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Linda Hartley and many years of working with moving bodies. I am especially interested in working with undiagnosed body symptoms but also work with a wide range of issues including: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, pain conditions, ME, Epilepsy, shock and trauma, relationship issues, confidence issues and also issues of a physical nature. Sessions run for about an hour from my home in Brighton or in a small studio at triyoga Chelsea.

I have supervision with a leading Body Psychotherapist and am part of an Independent Practitioners group which involves dialogue with other body psychotherapy professionals who know and stand by my work. I am also a member of the British Wheel of yoga and regularly hold seminars, workshops and trainings.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of working together then please use the contact form

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” – Mya Angelou